Decanter Centrifuge Machine
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Decanter Centrifuge Machine

PROCESS processing of raw water into water quality drinking water in Installation Water Treatment (IPA) produces residue or waste in the form of mud. The resulting mud is derived from the sedimentation process. The mud from the sedimentation process is the sludge from the floccock deposits formed after the coagulation and flocculation process.

The mud produced in IPA is processed first before disposal. The commonly used IPA sludge treatment is Sludge Drying Bed (SDB). In principle, the processing of mud by means of machine tools SDB is by flowing mud to open land then with the help of sun dried mud and can be discharged to landfills. This SDB method requires a large area of land to hold all the mud. In addition, the mud drying process is highly dependent on the weather and takes a long time.

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