Desanding Precleaner Sandcyclone
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Desanding Precleaner Sandcyclone

Pre-CLEaner / Sand Cyclones are used for removal of sand and particles from process liquids such as crude palm oil / sludge oil. This machine tool is installed before the separator, decanter or other process machine provides pretreatment and to avoid excessive wear. With the amount of sand present in oil palm sludge, the installed sand cyclones will have a major impact and reduce total maintenance costs at the plant. Crude palm oil / sludge oil is fed through a horizontal cyclone inlet pipe through the feed pump. The feed liquid enters the cyclone tangently under pressure. As a result of the centrifugal force, the solid particles move toward the central vortex of the cyclone cone section and recovered at the top by the gravitational flow. The sand collected in the dung receiver is periodically cleaned at predetermined time intervals and the recipient is poured with water.

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