HAUS DDI 4743 Decanter For 60 Ton FFB/hr In Palm Oil
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HAUS DDI 4743 Decanter For 60 Ton FFB / hr In Palm Oil

One important point for the decanter is the difference between the bowl and the spiral cycle, ie the differential speed. This speed marks the moisture left in the separate solids and also shows the clarity of the separate fluid. Therefore, the speed of this machine tool is adjusted automatically through the PLC in accordance with the required product quality and the required product properties are achieved

Dual drive motors allow adjustable differential speeds in a wide range. The second drive activates the transmission inlet shaft and introduces differential speed as a function of bowl velocity and transmission cycle ratio.

Thanks to automatic differential speed adjustment by the PLC without the need for labor, the sludge cake drought is stable and the clarity required in the liquid outlet continues to be provided with the same quality; even on fluctuations in product inflows.

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